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Drop the Fat, Not the Tacos!

Brandon, Nick & Rebecca

Welcome to the Drop The Fat, Not The Tacos podcast!

This podcast is for people who are tired of being tired, tired of being out of shape, and want to fit into their clothes from last year!

If you are looking to:

✅ Feel secure and have more control in your health

✅ Feel comfortable in your own skin

✅ Feel more energized

✅ AND eat the foods you love without going on a crazy restrictive diet...

If you're someone who wants reliable information and action steps to fix your health looking then you are in the right place. We're glad you found us!

Interested in something more? Come join us in the DFNT facebook group to further simplify your health and wellness. Drop the Fat, Not the Tacos, a free Facebook group, dedicated to bringing stability and empowerment to those who want real answers and real progress.

See you on the inside,

Brandon, Nick & Rebecca